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Uster presents new Uster Jossi Vision Shield 2 for ultimate fibre cleaning

With Uster Jossi Vision Shield 2, the company believes it has made a leap forward in fibre cleaning and yarn quality assurance.

8th December 2015

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Uster

Clothing/​Footwear, Sustainable, Industrial

Uster, the leading high-technology instrument manufacturer, introduces the new Uster Jossi Vision Shield 2 to help spinners achieve best results in response to continuing demand for top quality.

The new Jossi Vision Shield 2 is the result of joint development work after the acquisition of Jossi Systems AG by Uster Technologies AG in 2013. The advanced technology is said to provide for clean cotton with minimum loss of valuable good fibre, the company reports.

Contamination-free cotton

Contamination-free yarn is a key quality objective, but effective cleaning of cotton fibre has often meant wasting too much good cotton at the same time. Among the various solutions considered for this problem, the detection and removal of contamination in the blowroom appears to be the ideal approach.

The challenge is to detect every contaminant – even down to the size of a single hair – and then eject only the unwanted material, leaving the pure cotton fibre untouched.

With Uster Jossi Vision Shield 2, the company believes it has made a leap forward in fibre cleaning and yarn quality assurance in terms of both detecting power and efficiency.


The detection capabilities of the Uster Jossi Vision Shield 2 come from new sensors and the Powerful Imaging Recognition Technology (PIRT). This is an image analysis technique. The smallest particle of contaminant will be picked out, helped by sophisticated image recognition.

The greater sensitivity of the system has already proven its effectiveness in trials, recording significantly improved detection of polypropylene, a common contaminant in raw cotton, the company reports.

Waste reduction

“We know that spinners want to be on the safe side when it comes to contamination control. At the same time, they don’t want to waste good cotton when applying tight fibre cleaning settings. The new Uster Jossi Vision Shield 2 exactly solves this problem,” said Sivakumar Narayanan, Head of Marketing for Uster Technologies.

In fibre cleaning, different tuft densities can lead to false ejections and wasted cotton. The new Efficiency Booster counters this by providing an accurate view of the whole tuft, so that denser tufts are ejected only when they contain real contamination. The system creates a fingerprint of a clean cotton tuft, as the basis for matching and retaining ‘good’ tufts.

In the highest quality segment, fibre cleaning settings could be set to even tighter tolerances, without increasing waste. For less critical applications, spinners could retain existing quality settings and see waste greatly reduced, with fewer ejections. In all cases, mills can expect significant improvements in the balance between quality and efficiency.

Efficiency savings

The Uster Jossi Vision Shield 2 has an improved speed measurement feature, designed to provide a further notable reduction in waste. By continuously measuring the velocity of the passing cotton tufts, the system can adapt the duration of each ejection, so that a minimum of material is removed with the contaminant.

Trials have demonstrated that raw material savings of more than 25,000 kg per production line per year can be achieved with the Uster system including the Efficiency Booster. Spinning mills in Turkey, Pakistan and China have reported significant overall savings in production costs, with the Efficiency Booster, with a consequent benefit in shortened investment payback time, according to the manufacturer.

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