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Versaperm develops new gas permeability measuring device

Versaperm's latest development are permeability meters that are said to offer a precise and fast measurement.

26th February 2016

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Maidenhead

Transport/​Aerospace, Sports/​Outdoor

Versaperm, a leading manufacturer of testing equipment, has developed a next-generation solution for the precise and fast measurement of the permeability of different gases.

The company has developed an innovative technology in response to the demands of the textiles manufacturers, engaged in the production of textiles for airships and balloons, as well as those working with plastics and most modern materials.

Permeability problem

The number of airships and balloons in the world is increasing, but there is a danger that without the proper testing system in place they will come right back down again, the company reports.

The problem is that helium leaks faster than any other gas as its molecules are smaller – and every fabric ever made lets the gas leak out to a greater or lesser extent. So testing as part of both development and quality control is essential, the manufacturer reports.

According to Versaperm, this seepage is actually a bigger problem than actual leaks and the permeability problem extends far beyond the aerospace industry to include anyone engaged in the manufacturing of plastics, textiles or latest materials.

Latest development

Versaperm's latest development are permeability meters that are said to offer a precise and fast measurement that is accurate in accordance to the Parts Per Million (PPM) range, PPB for some gasses, fabrics and materials. The technology is designed to be both easy to use and highly automated.

The instrument can optionally measure the permeability not just for hydrogen, but also for every gas in modern use, including hydrocarbons, solvents, oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapour, so the user can check the rates at which atmospheric gasses permeate into the envelope, as well as how fast helium seeps out.

The Versapem system is said to be around 100 times faster than conventional gravimetric techniques, according to the manufacturer. The equipment is designed to cater for the needs of both rapid product development and quality control.


Versaperm is a leader in the measurement of gas permeability. The company’s instruments, testing service and consultancy are interlinked. It also supplies, services and maintains the leading Gemco range of seal test equipment, which measures and verifies the integrity and strength of seams in bagged, wrapped and boxed products where seal integrity is essential.

The company’s ability to design vapour permeability instruments is based on its technological expertise married to its experience in testing a wide variety of materials and gases.

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