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Texworld Paris’ offer grows significantly

Texworld Paris attracted some high-calibre professionals from 17-20 September.

12th October 2018

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Paris


Texworld Paris attracted some high-calibre professionals from 17-20 September. With 1,058 visitors from 27 countries, the offer at Texworld, the trade fair for fabrics, materials, components and trimmings for fashion, has grown significantly with the opening of hall 3, organisers report.

“We’re delighted with the energy and enthusiasm evident at this season’s show – with brisk business at Elite, an encouraging start for the silk segment and attendance by regular visitors despite some problems with travel and a new international exhibition calendar, which affect Asia in particular,” said Michael Scherpe, President of Messe Frankfurt France.

Texworld Paris attracted 1,058 visitors from 27 countries. © Messe Frankfurt France

“The major textile shows in Shanghai have been put back to the end of September. The main concern was that there would be a decline in visitors from Asia but that was not the case at all. Paris as a fashion venue retains that certain something that is its drawing point.”

New hall

The new Hall 3 at Texworld Paris was home to the streamlined offer for knits and cotton, appreciated by visitors, as was suiting, tailoring, wool looks and accessories, now established in their new quarters. The trimmings segment also expanded with some thirty exhibitors and a plethora of buttons, zips and ribbons. This additional, new space was taken up by the show’s artistic directors, who installed their general Trend Forum for Autumn/Winter 19/20 at the entrance where it was larger than ever before. As a result, the sustainable trends benefited from a dedicated forum with access to Hall 2.

At the heart of Fairyland for Fashion, Texworld Paris created a lavish world for sourcing textiles in all their forms. A significant event judging by the diversity of its exhibitors, who came from 27 countries, and of their products that were classed according to fibre family (silk, wool, etc.) or expertise (lace, jacquard etc.) and interspersed with national pavilions: Bangladesh, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand.

Elite at Texworld Paris. © Messe Frankfurt France

The large textile operator Lenzing gathered the manufacturers using their fibers in their pavilions, a kind of platform for their major customers. A silk segment, which was set up on account of the broad variety of techniques and developments for natural silk, was able to attract a strong showing of American and European buyers on the lookout for superior fabrics. “This segment is situated ideally at the intersection between several ranges. It’s very practical for buyers as they lose no time in trying to find it,” commented director of Haujia Silk, Jack Lee.

Great diversity among visitors

Heads of materials purchasing for fashion brands, from major luxury chains, up-and-coming or well-known independent designers, for workwear but also for the automotive or interiors branch, were among visitors. Americans, Russians, British, Spanish, those from the Middle East and the French were often mentioned, but those from Asia caused some surprise by coming to Paris and sometimes placing orders with their neighbours.

“We love the show – it has always been a pleasant few days for us. Above all, it is a place to meet our regular customers, who are very international. Every new customer is always a bonus for us and at this show we even conducted business with our fellow countrymen here in Paris,” said Eddy Tang, founder and director of Hanya Apparel Company.

The new Hall 3 at Texworld Paris was home to the streamlined offer for knits and cotton. © Messe Frankfurt France

Exhibitors emphasised the calibre and targeting of totally professional visitors during this 43rd Texworld Paris show. Onlookers, those who were curious or just dabbling were conspicuous by their absence, allowing the exhibitors to concentrate on business. “Visitors to Texworld are really of a high standard, at the forefront of the market and above all extremely professional,” said Ahmet Feridun Altinöz, co-founder of Karinca Tekstil.

New silk routes

There were fifty speakers during these four days, and the various spaces provided to hold the talks recorded high attendance on each occasion. Apart from the lectures on trends and colours that were a great hit, attention concentrated on The new silk routes, future distribution, addressed in two ways thanks to a bevy of experts and leading players in the industry.

The prize winners from the Dinan Festival, of which Messe Frankfurt France is a partner, created the show on the podium; ESMOD presented imaginative outfits from its students and haute couture created a buzz in the crowd with a catwalk show from Eymeric François.

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