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27th March 2013

The Future of Global Markets for Nonwoven Wipes: market forecasts to 2017

Between 2007 and 2017 the consumer wipes market is forecast to increase from over $7.6 billion to $12.6 billion, with an annual growth rate of 5.2%. In the same period, the industrial wipes market is expected to increase from about $1.8 billion to $3.2 billion.

The Future of Global Markets for Nonwoven Wipes provides an in-depth report on the state of the industry and market trends over the next five years. It includes detailed discussion of worldwide market drivers and regional factors affecting performance, along with detailed five-year forecasts of market value. Expert insights into the industry and its developments will help guide strategic planning for your business.

Find out about

  • How product segment distinctions (dry and wet wipes, healthcare and home, industrial and consumer) are blurring as new consumer trends emerge
  • Stringent regional waste disposal regulations that are disrupting competition among nonwoven technologies
  • How the factors driving growth differ between industrial wipes and consumer wipes


Smithers Apex's comprehensive primary market research yields revenue estimates for the major global markets. Research based on secondary sources such as interviews, technical reviews and close industry observation corroborates and augments the findings.

Smithers Apex's industry expertise provides an assessment of the industry in terms of manufacturing process technology, raw material and supply chain factors, application innovation, regulatory impacts and cultural influences on geographic market differences. The research methodology provides reliable, detailed market data, trends and projections to 2017 for global nonwoven wipes markets.

What do you get?

  • Volume and value data by region, product type and major and sub-segment customer market
  • Expert analysis of sub-sector markets and factors driving the industry
  • Detailed profiles of major global and regional market players
  • Comprehensive discussion of all nonwoven manufacturing technologies

How will this market intelligence report benefit you?

  • Detailed reporting of specific products' performance and market share leads to insights into new product and geographic opportunities
  • Production capacity figures and demand projections can inform suppliers' plans for production and logistics to fit markets worldwide
  • Understanding of regional environmental regulations illuminates new manufacturing, product and application opportunities
  • Analysis of failed and obsolete products guide successful manufacturing and marketing planning

Who should buy this report?

  • Brand managers responsible for product planning, especially in developing countries
  • Wood pulp and petrochemical suppliers seeking new markets and opportunities for process innovation
  • Regulators seeking to proactively formulate industry policy addressing new markets and technologies
  • Market researchers who want to understand how this industry relates to related markets in cosmetics, healthcare, printing and other markets

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Price: £3750

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