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Thies to present latest bleaching and dyeing solutions at Techtextil 2017

The company’s machines can be used for a variety of fibres, nonwovens, yarns and fabrics suitable for a multitude of technical textile applications.

31st March 2017

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Coesfeld

Medical/Hygiene, Transport/​Aerospace, Interiors, Industrial, Protective

According to the manufacturer, its specially designed machines can be used for a wide variety of fibres, nonwovens, yarns and fabrics suitable for a range of technical textile applications.


The company’s iCone technique bleaches and dyes fibres, flakes, yarns, cables and belts. According to the company, it also enables dyeing in short liquor. £Obtaining uniform dyeing and the required fastness is self-evident. Using special energy-efficient functions the iCone is able to dye in a more cost effective and eco-friendly way,” the company reports.

Cellulose fibres for medical purposes or any other substrate, such as polyester, acrylic and polyamide, may be used. The process can be used in the treatment of sewing threads, the dyeing and bleaching of yarns for the production of solar sails, tents, awnings and the finishing of flame-retardant yarns.

HT- Jigger

The HT-Jigger is used for dyeing fabrics, nonwovens or space fabrics. “The HT-Jigger offers step less tension and speed control combined with an economical dye trough,” the company explains. It has been designed to offer uniform dyeing in very short liquor ratios.

Suitable to process textiles at temperatures up to 143C, the HT-Jigger is recommended for the treatment of crease sensitive, permeable and non-permeable fabrics; to offer optimum flexibility for finishing of all modern fibres. Key applications are the automotive sector with treatments of vehicle interiors or industrial sectors, which use filter materials.

iMaster Hâ‚‚O

This machine concept is ideal for all fabric applications where water consumption is an important consideration, together with other possible energy savings including steam, electricity plus chemicals and dyestuffs, the manufacturer reports. According to the company, the iMaster Hâ‚‚O dyeing machine is proving successful with several automotive fabric producers.

The system features a transport winch inside the kier, allowing cotton, synthetic fibres and their blends, and including articles with a high elastane content, to be processed with significantly reduced elongation; resulting in fabrics with an improved stability whilst offering flexibility in the processing of a wide range of products.

soft-TRD Slll

Designed for the universal dyeing of wovens, knits and nonwovens, this generation of soft-TRD machines aims to set new standards in the efficient use of materials and resources. The free material flow and low tension in the transport zone, are said to guarantee optimum relaxation and uniform treatment of the entire fabric rope.

Thies Textilmaschinen

Founded in 1892, Thies has concentrated on the fabrication of high quality machines for yarn and piece dyeing and bleaching and drying equipment. The Westphalian family business is located in Coesfeld, Germany, where it operates state-of-the-art research and production facilities. Quality products made by Thies are established in markets for woven and knit fabrics, as well as technical textiles.

Thies is represented by a global network of agencies. Besides these agencies, Thies runs their own sales and service locations in Bangladesh, Bulgaria, China, France, India, Poland, Russia, Switzerland, Slovenia, Thailand, Turkey and (the) USA.

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