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Touch-activated freshness for household fabrics

Exploiting the odour-trapping nature of soft surfaces.

23rd August 2021

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Cincinnati, OH, USA


Febreze Unstopables Touch fabric spray, which is being launched by consumer products giant Procter & Gamble, combines odour elimination with touch-activated scent technology.

The spray stores scent in household fabrics which are subsequently released by touch and is effective for up to 100 times.

“We know that soft surfaces provide the perfect long-term home for odours, which is why so many people use fabric fresheners to tackle bad smells,” said Angelica Matthews, senior brand director at Febreze. “We decided to see if we could use the odour-trapping nature of soft surfaces to our benefit, by designing a product that gets into soft surfaces to eliminate odours, then leaves a long-lasting freshness behind that can be experienced over and over again.”

The new fabric spray is designed to be used on soft surfaces and hard-to-wash fabrics throughout the home, such as pillows, carpets, bedding and curtains.

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