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Domo Chemicals aims for zero carbon in France

Project will eventually prevent the emission of 84 kilotons of CO2 each year.

11th July 2022

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Lyon, France

Transport/​Aerospace, Industrial

Leading producer of engineered polyamide fibres and engineered materials Domo Chemicals is partnering with Hynamics, a 100% subsidiary of EDF Group specialising in the production of low-carbon hydrogen.

The objective is to achieve zero-carbon for 100% of the hydrogen used at the Belle-Étoile industrial site, in Saint-Fons near Lyon in the heart of the French Vallée de la Chimie (Chemistry Valley).

For the first time in France, the HyDom project will enable the installation of an 85-megawatt hydrogen production plant using the water electrolysis process at the Belle-Étoile site, with a production capacity of 11,000 metric tons of low-carbon hydrogen per year. The plant will be powered by the low-carbon electric power mix. By 2027, it will supply 100% of the annual production of hexamethylene diamine, a key component used in the production of polyamide.

The project will eventually prevent the emission of 84 kilotons of CO2 each year. Hexamethylene diamine, and ultimately, durable and low-carbon polyamides, will be used in various applications in major industry sectors, such as automotive, electronics and heating cooling.

The location in the Vallée de la Chimie within the vicinity of major transport routes opens up opportunities for the creation of a more complete hydrogen ecosystem.

The first phase of the project will consist of building up and ascertaining technical concepts and integrating the low-carbon hydrogen production plant within the larger production process of hexamethylene diamine.

Considering the high-power scale of the future facility, the HyDom project is being developed in close collaboration with RTE (an organisation in charge of managing the French power grid), to solve connection issues. As a priority project for the industry’s zero-carbon strategy and for the France 2030 investment plan, HyDom is supported by the French government and has been presented to the European Commission for public funding.

“In line with the goals set out in the France 2030 investment plan for a resilient and decarbonised industrial sector, Hynamics is proud to support leading hydrogen-consuming industrialists in their decarbonisation efforts,” said Hynamics CEO Christelle Rouillé. “The scope of the project launched in partnership with Domo Chemicals reflects our  expertise in developing industrial electrolytic hydrogen production projects with a strong environmental impact. In replacing the unit that currently produces hydrogen from natural gas, our project represents an important step towards industrial sovereignty and reaching our climate objectives.”

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