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Launch of Integris Composites

Developing, testing and manufacturing armour solutions in Denmark, France and the USA.

12th September 2023

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Tyson’s Corner, VA, USA


TenCate Advanced Armour, headquartered in Tyson’s Corner, Virginia, has been renamed Integris Composites.

The company is a partner in the design, engineering and manufacturing of solutions for the world’s most demanding defence contractors, including Boeing, Airbus, General Dynamics and BAE Systems as well as major police agencies. Specifically, it provides body armour plates for military and law enforcement personnel, as well as ballistic and blast protection for land vehicles, aircraft and naval vessels, and anti-ballistic composites that also serve as structural housings for sensitive technologies such as optronics.

“In 2020 we re-established the company as a stand-alone business and we now have a stand-alone identity,” said CEO John W. Mercer “Our name has changed, but not our company, or our commitment to creating cutting-edge composite solutions. As a technical company specialised in engineering, design and the manufacturing of high-quality composite solutions, we have a reputation for supporting long life-cycle programnes – on time, on price and on quality.”

Integris maintains the ability to develop, test and manufacture armour solutions in its Danish, French and US facilities.

“We stand apart because of our ability to collaborate with and supply major contractors virtually anywhere in the world,” said Jonas Holck, group vice president for strategy.

Going forward, Integris is seeking to expanding into other sectors where lightweight composite solutions can be an advantage.

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