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Mayer & Cie braiding machine debut at ITMA 2023

New machine for the efficient production of technical materials such as hoses.

28th March 2023

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Albstadt, Germany

Industrial, Transport/​Aerospace

In addition to three circular knitting machines, Mayer & Cie, headquartered in Albstadt, Germany, will exibit its new braiding machine at ITMA 2023 in Milan from June 8-14.

These machines are primarily for the production of technical materials with end uses such as hoses which are widely employed in the aerospace and automotive industries, as well as for other special niche applications. 

The company added braiding machines to its portfolio in 2019 and the MR-15/18 C/Single Deck braider on show in Milan is equipped with the new capstan wheel pull-off that is especially suitable for the production of smaller-diameter hoses.

The three circular knitting machines to be displayed include the OVJA 2.4 EM which knits double jacquard fabrics with electronic individual needle selection in the cylinder and double fabric with weft thread. It is currently the most productive machine in its class and is now being used for the production of spacer fabrics.

The Relanit 3.2 HS on display has improved yarn guides, a needle with an optimised hook and tongue shape and a pre-determined breaking point to improve safety at higher output. A new sinker meanwhile makes the machine run smoother and reduces wear and tear.

 “Many knitting mills all over the world already swear by Relanit machines,” says Axel Brünner, head of product management at Mayer & Cie. “For them and for new customers we are working on further improvements.”

The new SF4-3.2 III for three-thread fleece, especially for leisurewear, both in pure cotton and in blends, has been developed to meet major market demand.

 “In this new machine we combine our tried and trusted MBF 3.2 and components of our MFC 3.2 that have proved advantageous in the Chinese market,” Brünner says.

Mayer & Cie will also be emphasising the possibilities of its upgrade kits, from speed boosters to special plaiting and laying equipment, to provide existing machines with many new benefits, as well as its knitlink platform for automatic control and fault identification across linked machines.


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