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Updates at Shawmut’s finishing centre

More than 50% of all cars produced for the North American market equipped with headliner materials from the Burlington facility.

22nd July 2021

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Burlington, NC, USA


Shawmut Corporation has unveiled new renovations at its Park Avenue Technical Centre – one of the largest and most technologically advanced fabric finishing operations in the USA, located in Burlington, North Carolina.

Shawmut is the majority supplier of laminated automotive headliner materials in North America with more than 50% of all cars produced for this market equipped with headliner materials from the Burlington facility.

 In addition, the company also makes laminated materials for automotive pillars, sun visors, sunshades and panoramic roof roller shades, seating, door and trim laminations, package trays, and parcel shelves.

The updates at the facility offer Shawmut customers easier access to advanced materials design and increased speed, agility, and flexibility for custom solutions development. Customers visiting the facility will have access to Shawmut’s design, engineering, technical, and programme management staff all under one roof.

The Park Avenue Technical Cenrre renovations augment Shawmut’s existing facility with a new multi-story programme and technical development centre with customer meeting and collaboration capabilities. The overall facility, which includes office, lab, manufacturing and warehouse space for the location’s 145 employees, features:

-A newly constructed office and customer experience wing.

-A rapid colour formulation centre.

-Technical, quality, and colour labs.

-Investments in on-site customer collaboration and accelerated product development processes.

“The southeast is a hub for the US textile industry, and the updates we have made in the heart of this region,will allow us to further our commitment to helping customers solve pressing business challengesthrough advanced materials innovation,” said James Wyner, CEO of Shawmut Corporation.

The centre supports several of Shawmut’s core markets, including military and protective, health and safety, and custom solutions, but the main focus is on automotive-related advanced materials.

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