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Trevira and its partners present at MoOD Brussels 2015

This is the third time now that the leading fibre manufacturer visited the MoOD, accompanied by ten partner fibre manufacturers at the joint stand.

10th September 2015

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Hattersheim


Trevira, the leading fibre manufacturer, has once again returned to Brussels this year, where it exhibited its latest products at the MoOD, the international trade fair for manufacturers and suppliers of fabrics, furnishings and wallpapers for interior design, bedding and upholstery, which took place this week.

This is the third time now that the company visited the MoOD. The manufacturer was accompanied by ten partner fibre manufacturers at the joint stand.

Italy was well represented with Boselli, FIDIVI, Pugi, Mario Cavelli, Piovano and Velvetex. In addition, Baumann Dekor, Engelbert Stieger, Müller Zell and Spandauer Velours have accepted the offer to make a joint appearance. Trevira’s yarn partners Lei-Tsu, Tintoria Sala and Vlnap were at MoOD Yarns again.

Collective concept

The collective concept was well received by Trevira CS customers. “We were happy making our decision to participate at MoOD, and in October we will be at the Trevira CS Jobber Day too. We hope to see an expansion of Trevira’s offer, both with regard to events and also to products,” said Marco De Benedetti, International Sales Manager with new Trevira CS Silver Club Member Tessitura E. Boselli.

Three-dimensional Trevira CS acoustic fabric development in bicomponent yarns that can be stiffened. © Hohmann

“This will enhance the cooperation of Boselli and Trevira, enabling us to extend our 100% Trevira CS collection to our mutual benefit – in so doing we will of course be aiming to attain the highest level in the Trevira CS Club.”

Particular opportunities

“With the Trevira CS Club we are using the particular opportunities offered by joint activities to highlight the latest developments in Trevira CS from top customers, in a quite concentrated fashion. Once again we are now experiencing at MoOD a whole series of exciting innovations,” said Anke Vollenbröker, Director Marketing & Business Development.

Trevira CS yarns from Lei Tsu © Lei Tsu

“There is a huge range of yarn collections and special products, such as fancy yarns or spun-dyed yarns, which, taken with the high level of technology in weaving, circular and warp knitting, are delivering totally new looks and tremendous innovative powers. Developments that focus on haptic and acoustic properties also continue to play a large part. Knitted articles in decorative fabrics constitute a quite new area, and one that is extending the choice of flame retardant fabrics in textiles, picking up the trend towards handmade form in functional materials.”

Latest products from Trevira CS partners

Baumann Dekor, the traditional manufacturer of elegant fabric, features structured geometric and opulent, large-surface designs in its new collection Petit Petit. Tessitura E. Boselli, manufacturer of polyester fabrics, showcased new qualities in the middle weight ranges, for use as drapes, curtains and decorative fabrics. Engelbert E. Stieger, a supplier to prestigious fabric houses, presented exclusive drapes and dimmer qualities with a touch of elegance available in up to 60 shades.

Trevira CS upholstery fabrics by Pugi. © Pugi

FIDIVI, a weaving mill with long experience in upholstery fabrics for the contract and transport sectors, introduced its Safari  collection of upholstery fabrics. Mario Cavelli, a manufacturer of drapes, decorative fabrics and table linen, revealed its new Trevira CS qualities, including broad materials. Müller Zell, a specialist in high-end decorative and upholstery fabrics, demonstrated its fabric collections and also individual concepts for international customers.

High-end velour fabric by Spandauer Velours. © Spandauer Velours

Giorgio Piovano is enhancing the range of new Trevira CS collections with a series of interesting knitted developments. The experienced verticalized manufacturer of customised woven fabrics Pugi is presenting its Trevira CS collections of wool-like qualities in natural looks. Spandauer Velour produces a wide range of high-value velour fabrics for decorative and upholstery fabrics, especially for the contract market. These, and other innovations were on display at the event.


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