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23rd May 2016, Barcelona

US Denim presents latest collections at Denim Première Vision

US Denim Mills, a leading producer of fabrics for leaders in denim design and recycled denim, has exhibited its textile innovations at the Mad Science of True Denim display during Denim Première Vision that took place from 18-19 May in Barcelona.

US Denim showcased imaginative inventions and technological advances at the exhibition. “We’re spoofing science fiction with the décor. That’s to highlight some breakthrough products, while referencing the company’s technological and environmental leadership,” says the company.

The company exhibited samples and garments from more than 25 new collections. © US Denim / mapleweb.ca

On display were samples and garments from more than 25 new US Denim collections and options, including some fashion favourites, but mostly all new processes, fibres, weaves, treatments, colours and coatings, including a few original textiles.

Mad Science Spark

Rolling out under this serious-fun science-fiction theme were some wild, wacky and even woolly fabric investigations, including spider-silk blends, anti-mosquito denim and cosy Moulin wool-look.

Other collections, among more than 25 featured, demonstrated advances in recycling, waterless-dye, infra-red and non-fade options, as well as experiments with coatings, weave inventions, alternative fibres and more, including new dye-weave colours, stretch re-invention and seamless denim.

“We built US Denim to create on the best and latest technologies, to grow our knowledge of processes and possibilities, and to develop better ways to produce value while protecting people and the planet,” says the company.

True News

This collection features a variety of fabrics, including GreenEgo denim recycled from jeans and poly-blends from recovered PET bottles; X-Stream line of innovative blends with added qualities, such as Gossamer spider silk, Mobius seamless knitwear, ExZika anti-mosquito denim, lnFarRed poly for heat conservation, and waterproof, PFC-free denim fabrics.

Spark jeans. © US Denim / mapleweb.ca

The collection also features a line of StarGlaze novel fashion coatings, such as MoonGlow glitter, SilverShine for premium greys, GreyNite, SoftHandle and PermaShine. HugWear comfort weaves and treatments were also part of display. These included a Mouline mélange yarn with different types of fibres, to give the impression of wool-blended fabric without having wool in it. Finally, SuperSoft featured weaves and treatments for viscose, bamboo, Myabi and Modal fibres.

True Flex

This theme was dedicated to athleisure and properties like elasticity. “We’ve re-developed – and re-invented – bi-stretches and hyper-stretches to give fabrics an even more authentic appearance, and so they can extend up to 100% without contracting or losing their denim character,” says the company.

The line featured EssentialStretch with Lycra, Performance active dual-poly bi-stretches and HyperStretch for 100% extension.

True Hues

This theme features colourful combinations and innovative treatments. PermaColor is the latest process for non-fade washing. “Blacks, blues and greys that will keep the same strong shades after being home laundered numerous times,” says the manufacturer.

Spider denim. © US Denim / mapleweb.ca

ShadeTone is for new grey-blacks, blue-greys, and black-blues, whilst HueNew range featured a variety of colour options, such as CoolGrey that washes to blue instead of brown, BoldTeal with navy and yellow bottoming and two-dip indigo for brighter greens, RustIndigo with light brown bottom touch, and Ecru with special washes and finishes.

True Grit

This theme is dedicated to sustainability. It features a 100% cotton denim fabric, with new deeper dyes, authentic slub character and finish.

HeritEdge represents a combination of cotton and stretch. “Including the weight-stretch selvedge denim that was popular in the last PV show. We have the region’s biggest loom shed, with original shuttle looms from the mid-1900s producing 125K meters of high quality selvedge denim every month,” the company reports.

Spider silk

Spider silk is an incredibly strong material, consisted of almost-invisible, thin threads, which are as firm as high-grade steel while less brittle and at a wisp of the weight, the company reports. It is also said to add a degree of softness when incorporated into denim, bringing it a vintage touch.

The material, which is now being used by US Denim for making fashionable and functional jeans, is also said to offer antiseptic, anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties, helping the process of healing. It has been used by physicians to heal wounds by keeping infection away and adding its vitamin K to help in clotting. The material is now being tested for neuro-surgery benefits, the company reports.


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