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Uster focus on quality at ITM 2024

Reducing waste and boosting profits in spinning mills.

30th May 2024

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Uster, Switzerland


At the ITM 2024 exibition in Istanbul from June 4-6, Switzerland’s Uster will introduce its FiberQ and RSO 3D technologies which assist spinners to control the most expensive stages in the spinning mill by eliminating waste.

Raw materials account for 65-75% of the production costs for cotton yarn and saving just 1% of waste here can be significant – a cost reduction of $255,000 per year is typically achieved for a mill with 50,000 spindles, based on Ne 30 yarn at a price of $1.8 per kg of cotton.

The optimum sourcing and use of raw material needs to take into account inventory levels, the required yarn quality and the cotton’s parameters. FiberQ software simplifies the process and integrated Uster Application Intelligence cuts through the complexity, unlocking maximum potential.

Uster FiberQ works with powerful software, analyzing fibre data from available inventories and creating consistent and reliable laydowns for optimum quality and performance. The basis is reliable raw material data, measured by the Uster HVI1000. With FiberQ, the Uster fibre classification and analysis system is accessible through a subscription model.

FiberQ has three elements. It combines data-enabled software, hardware and the global know-how and experience of Uster experts to open new perspectives for quality and profitability. Textile expertise brings all the capabilities of equipment, data and software tools into the mill context. Uster textile experts work with the mill’s own personnel to train them and help shorten the road from testing to real results.

Spinners report significant quality improvements such as no barré faults after a FiberQ solution is installed.

Uster RSO 3D is another example of a secure investment, being an intelligent combination of the Sentinel ring spinning optimisation system, Quantum 4.0 yarn clearers and a linked winding machine with spindle identification.

Individual data for each spindle enables quality mapping throughout the ring spinning machine and any poor quality production is indicated. Outlier cops are ejected through direct machine intervention before winding. This significantly reduces winder stops and clearer cuts. The system also guides operators to the exact position where an issue is identified, enabling fast action for minimum losses.

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