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Walk4Recycling tours at ITMA 2023

Strength and elongation of the spun yarns can be automatically determined during processing.

9th May 2023

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Aachen, Germany


A new digital ring spinning tester enables the full control and monitoring of the ring spinning of fine yarns with a high recycled fibre content of 60-70%.

It has been developed by ITA, the Institute for Textile Technology at RWTH Aachen University in Germany, and will be introduced at ITMA 2023 in Milan from June 8-14.

“Up to now, yarns with such a high recycled fibre content have mainly been rotor-spun,” explains Professor Thomas Gries, ITA director. “This, however, results in coarse yarns that are not suitable for finer textiles such as outerwear. The ring spinning of recycled yarns results in finer yarns for more valuable applications.”

With the new tester, the strength and elongation of the spun yarn can be automatically determined and the real-time measurement allows process parameters and yarn properties to be adjusted intuitively and quickly in both direct spinning from sliver and in the classic ring spinning process.

The ring spinning tester has been upgraded from an existing tester to Industry 4.0 standard and is operated via tablet. This enables the adjustment of process parameters, including online quality monitoring, remotely from anywhere in the world.

As such, the tester opens up new market potential for recycled yarns, especially for processing in Europe.


The ITA’s Recycling Atelier will meanwhile be holding Walk4Recycling tours of the ITMA stands of various industrial partners to demonstrate the cycle of process steps – waste tearing, preparation, spinning and knitting – involved in the transformation of used knitwear into a new knitted pullover, via a ring yarn made from a blend of 65% recycled cotton and 35% virgin polyester.

Detailed information on the mechanical recycling of clothing via QR codes, websites and flyers about the participating exhibitors and their technologies will be available, in addition to a short film, at stand A207 in Hall 3.

The ITA’s ring spinning tester will also process the fibre mixture of recycled and new fibres as part of the Walk4Recycling tour.

The ITA has a second stand at ITMA in Hall 3, B304, and other exhibits will include a smart glove based on polymer optical fibres and quantum dots. The quantum dots can be programmed to detect hazardous substances and trigger a fluorescent effect on contact that changes the glove’s luminous colour.

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