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Biotexfuture projects showcased at Techtextil

Focus on biobased polmers, yarns and fabrics.

12th April 2024

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Germany


Germany’s ITA group of research institutes will present findings from a range of Biotexfuture projects on sustainability and recycling at Techtextil 2024 in Frankfurt from April 23-26.

Interior textiles have been produced from biopolymers with upholstery manufacturer Krall+Roth in the Biobase project. Commercially available bio-based polymers were selected, melt-spun into filament yarns, air-texturised and further processed into fabrics, with all processes and machine settings adapted to the material behaviour of the selected biopolymers.

Four partially bio-based polyamides have been successfully realised for the interior sector as a result of the project.

In the Bioturf project, the aim is to develop an artificial turf structure made of bio-polyethylene (PE) that does not differ chemically to conventional PE in terms of its essential properties. The aim is that the mono-material structure should enable high-quality material recycling and will not require the addition of infil granules, to eliminate the microplastics problem with artificial turf pitches.

The development of an elastane-free compression stocking with TPU yarns providing sufficient stretch has been the goal of the CO2TEX project. The TPU yarns have been developed on industrial melt spinning systems using polymers with a renewable content of up to 18% by weight. With elongations of up to 600%, diverse applications are envisaged for these new yarns.

Bio-based, degradable solutions for geotextiles have been developed within the Degratex project, for short-term applications such as the temporary stabilisation of earth structures or vegetation protection. The materials fulfil their function until they can be taken over by natural components such as soil-stabilising or ground-covering plants.

Other ITA developments include a wear-resistant polishing disc made from hemp, and fibres and textiles for insulation made from cellulose aerogels.

These developments will be showcased at at the joint Elmatex stand D63 in Hall 12 at the Frankfurt show, alongside a special display from the Recycling Atelier, the ITA partner network working  to accelerate textile recycling processes.

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