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Low & Bonar establishes first production company in China

Bonar High Performance Materials, a producer of multifunctional nonwoven industrial textiles, is anticipating a total investment of US 49.9 million.

28th October 2014

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Shanghai

Industrial, Civil Engineering, Interiors, Sports/​Outdoor, Transport/​Aerospace, Construction

China Technical Textile watch by Oliver Haiqing Hua

Low & Bonar CEO, Brett Simpson led a group of delegates including Gareth Kaminski-Cook, Executive Director of Netherland Bonar Asia Pacific area, Marc Krauth, Director of Global Business, Operations Director Peter Coolen, China district Leadership Team Manager Xu Chengyu, and Director of Asia Pacific area Business Development Paul Ng.

Industrial textiles

Bonar High Performance Materials (Bonar Changzhou), mainly engaged in the production and sale of multifunctional nonwoven industrial textiles, is anticipating a total investment of US 49.9 million.

The investment has been divided into two phases yet to be completed, and includes the construction of the double component heat bonding production line. The company is expected to reach a total production capacity of 120 million square metres of nonwovens per year.

Milestone significance

Brett Simpson said that the industrial textiles development in China is impressive. He also added that the establishment of the new factory in China has the milestone significance for the future development of the group.

 Low & Bonar Group was founded in England in 1903 and in 1947, the company was listed on the London Stock Exchange.

The company is dedicated to the production and supply of high performance material products widely used in various markets, including construction, civil engineering, building materials, transportation, flooring products, sports and leisure, printing, artificial grass yarn, woven carpet lining and other industrial fields.


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Mr. Hua previously worked for the former Ministry of Equipment & Materials and the former Ministry of Internal Trade of China from 1984 to 1997. His role included reporting on the market, raw materials, production, logistics, finance, management dynamics, as well as the analysis related to all the upstream and downstream aspects in the industry supply chain.

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