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Kornit Digital expands partnership with Delta Apparel

The order follows several months of beta-testing of the recently released Kornit Atlas system by DTG2Go.

12th February 2019

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Rosh-Ha`Ayin


Kornit Atlas next-generation DTG printing platform. © Kornit Digital

Kornit Digital, a company that develops, designs and markets innovative digital printing solutions for the global printed textiles industry, has received an order from DTG2Go, a Delta Apparel, a leader in the direct-to-garment printing and fulfilment marketplace. 

The order follows several months of beta-testing of the recently released Kornit Atlas system by DTG2Go, during which Kornit was able to showcase the enhanced features of “the most advanced industrial direct-to-garment solution available on the market”.

“We are honoured to expand our partnership with Delta Apparel as a key technology supplier as they expand their reach with digital printing. Delta’s unique platform strikes at the core of the changing needs in the retail supply chain, by offering a vertically-integrated digital print fulfilment model with quick delivery at an affordable price,” said Ronen Samuel, Kornit’s CEO.

Enhancing capabilities

“The inclusion of the Atlas will greatly enhance the options and capabilities that Delta will be able to offer its customers. The all-new industrial Atlas has leading-edge technology with annual production capacity of over 350,000 impressions and optimizes production efficiency at the best cost of ownership available. We look forward to working collaboratively with Delta to deliver on this order and expand on this important relationship.”

Key features of the Atlas include high volume throughput, attractive cost of ownership and featuring the new NeoPigment Eco-Rapid inkset specifically designed for sustainability and retail-quality digital textile printing. Per the agreement, DTG2Go will take delivery of 10 Atlas systems in 2019, along with a significant number of HD upgrades for DTG2Go’s existing Kornit Avalanche systems.

Strategic partnership

"We are excited about the order with Kornit Digital. This marks another milestone in Delta and Kornit's strategic partnership and we look forward to continuing our close collaboration in 2019,” commented Deborah Merrill, Delta Apparel’s CFO and President, Delta Group.

“Many of the new, innovative capabilities of the Kornit Atlas, including the wrinkle detection and pallet ergonomics, present clear productivity benefits.  The new NeoPigment Eco-Rapid ink used in the Atlas provides impressive brilliance and colour gamut, meeting all wash test standards with no discernible scent. We are glad we had the opportunity to beta-test the Kornit Atlas and look forward to it serving as a key component within DTG2Go’s production line.”

“Our recent decision to upgrade our Avalanche printers to the HD technology will allow us to use Eco-Rapid ink on these systems and enjoy its benefits. We see the Eco-Rapid ink as a strategic enabler that should help us increase our market share in digital print.”

“Lastly, we look forward to testing Kornit's new polyester printing technology in the coming weeks.  The ability to digitally print on 100% polyester fabric and other poly-blends is key to our strategy and should create significant growth opportunities for DTG2Go. We see a strong demand for digital printing on polyester and are thrilled to be the first to introduce to the market high-end polyester products with unmatched print quality.”

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