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Masterclass on laser design for denim finishing

Spanish company has conducted a masterclass on laser design for denim finishing at the Amsterdam Jean School.

12th April 2017

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Amsterdam

Sustainable, Clothing/​Footwear

Jeanologia, a Spanish company specialising in the development of sustainable technologies for garments finishing, has conducted a masterclass on laser design for denim finishing at the Amsterdam Jean School to promote decontamination, automation and efficiency in the denim industry.

The Blue Lab, the Jean School testing laboratory, employs technology developed by Jeanologia Laser and Ozone, and offers training and workshops on technological innovation to students, manufacturers, brands and designers who want to contribute in the transformation of the denim industry towards transparency and sustainability.

Workshop topics

During the two days of the workshop given by Jeanologia Brainbox, Luis Górriz, together with the future denim talents discovered the creative possibilities offered by the laser design and how to design finishes using Jeanologia’s eMark software. Students also discussed the importance of choosing the right fabric and the new Jeanologia Light Sensitive Fabric Test, the study that analyses how denim fabric reacts to new sustainable processes, especially the laser, in order to achieve desired washings and looks.

"Students have been particularly interested in the wide range of laser design and have learned to use tools like Light PP, Light Scraper or Light Ripper,” commented Luis Górriz, from Jeanologia. “Trainings like this are vital because Amsterdam is the epicentre of training future designers towards a sustainable and efficient model of denim production and now, they already know that replacing the dangerous chemical spreading of potassium permanganate and sandpaper is possible".

The company also introduced students to the profitable and sustainable G2 ozone technology, which has been developed to drastically reduce water, chemical and energy usage in the denim finishing processes.

Amsterdam Denim Days

Next week, the company will be present at the BluePrint Festival of Amsterdam Denim Days where it will showcase the possibilities of customisation of a denim garment with its Nano technology.

In addition, Alex Penadés, Jeanologia Custom Technology Director, will offer a talk on Blue-volution You: from uniformity to intelligent creativity on 21 April, where he will discuss how the digital revolution is changing the world of jeans and how customisation and low-cost are compatible with each other in the fashion world.

Also on 21 April, the CEO of the Spanish firm, Enrique Silla, will participate in the conference entitled The cost of sustainability in Kingpings Transformers. Silla will contribute to the event, which aims to share experiences of best ways to make the denim industry more environmentally and socially responsible and economically viable.

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