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20th June 2018, Munich

Double victory for Nilit-sponsored athletes

Marie Lang and Sebastian Preuss successfully defended their WKU world champion titles in kickboxing at the Munich Postpalast on 9 June. Nilit-sponsored athlete Marie Lang successfully defended her title for the thirteenth time, and Sebastian Preuss won his first professional fighting crown in a spectacular victory lasting just three minutes.

Preuss, 28, who competes in the 90-kilo class, made a clear statement to his Swiss opponent Robin Wildhaber in a fight that brought his opponent to surrender in the last round to a series of hard punches and kicks. Lang, 31, won the fight against the Slovak Lucia Krajcovic squarely on points, became first time world champion in the 60-kilo class without low kicks.

Nilit-sponsored athlete Marie Lang successfully defended her title for the thirteenth time. © Nilit

Both boxers wore combat outfits from the royal13 collection designed by Marie Lang and produced by Edmund Lutz, the apparel company run by her manager Thomas Lutz. The garments are made of a lightweight cooling fabric from fabric manufacturer Liebaert containing the performance fibre Nilit Breeze, a functional material that supports physical performance and provides comfortable cooling.

Sebastian proudly showed off his tight white shorts with a gold print, while Marie rushed into the ring in a wide-swinging coat with tight shorts and bra in a football look honouring the upcoming World Cup.

Marie Lang is also a talented fashion designer by day. She plans to follow up the launch of her first small activewear collection in November 2017 with a new line later this year. Marie Lang recently extended her sponsorship with the Israel-based Nilit, the leading nylon 6.6 manufacturer, through the end of 2018. At the same time, Sebastian Preuss was signed as on. Marie Lang is creating exclusive training and combat outfits for the two using Nilit's broad portfolio of performance fibres, including Nilit Breeze, Nilit Aquarius, Nilit Innergy, and Nilit Heat.

Sebastian Preuss won his first professional fighting crown in a fight lasting just three minutes. © Nilit

Marie Lang's career as world champion in kickboxing is still young: in 2014 she had her first professional fight and became the International German under 60kg Champion. She then became 2014 European Champion of the WKU (60kg and under), then two-time European Champion of the WKU (62.5kg and under). A year later, she challenged the World Champion title, successfully winning and defending it since then in both weight classes in kickboxing with low kicks and full contact.

Sebastian Preuss has been in professional boxing only since the end of 2017. His coach Mladen Steko calls him an exceptional talent, adding: “We'll have a lot of fun with Sebastian, that's just the beginning, there's a lot more potential there, and he's among the best in the world.” Like Lang, Sebastian Preuss is not just an athlete. The 27-year-old house painter has his own contracting business in Munich.


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